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Our Story

The Epos 300 isn’t the beginning, it certainly isn’t the end either.

We’re engineers, scientists, product developers, coders and cinematographers. We live and breathe to explore opportunities in LED technology to produce the best, most useful and sophisticated lighting products to tell stories. The Epos 300 is the first of many to come, and we’re excited to have built this beauty not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, videographers, but with them.

Kelvin – Made in Norway

Kelvin is located in Vinterbro, Norway.

Scandinavian design meets sustainable power solutions and innovation. A few years back we set about engineering new lighting tech to improve the quality and clarity in our lighting range. The way we work is all on the same floor plan. We talk to each other. The products are assembled by hand in the same building they are being designed in. It’s not a secret, it is our recipe for superior quality.

CRO Øyvind Hasund Dahl (left) and CEO Halvard Aagaard (right)