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Pre-Order the Epos 300 now!

Geek is the new chic.

What science do we have covered?

For the past decade we have been on the mission to create a light that has it all. So we sat down with cinematographers, scientists, coders and engineers and listened to what they think is the perfect light. Obviously perfection is subjective but we are convinced that we came pretty close, especially regarding technical features and long lasting quality.

Quality > Technology

Any light we sell is being tested personally by one of our engineers to ensure that we stick up to our mission to provide our customers with the best quality possible.

Because having the best tech only makes sense, if you can actually make it work. That is why you will get a certificate signed by the engineer who made your light, so you know what you get.

Specs that will blow your mind

For all nerds – if brighter, more colorful, more color accuracy, higher power output and build sturdy as a rock isn’t enough, here are the facts:

• 300W full spectrum LED COB studio light

• Full RGBACL Six-Color Light Engine Cantastoria

• Spectrum of colors within the 2.000K – 20.000K CCT

• Precise power control to an accuracy of 0,01%

• USB-C, USB-A, DMX 5-Pin XLR, wireless DMX Lumen Radio Skynode

• DMX and Lumen Radio compatible with DMX Adapter

• Bowens mount compatible

• 5” TFT LCD Display (Touchscreen & Buttons)

• 2x Battery Plate compatible with V-mount, B-mount or gold mount

• AC Input Power: 110 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz

• DC Input Power: 12 to 30 VDC

• Max Power Consumption: 300W (nominal) / 320W (rated)