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Our Story

World Class Cinema Lighting from Scandinavia

Kelvin is a cinema lighting brand built by LED technology company Rift Labs, with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions with superior light quality for the global market since 2010. Made in Norway, Europe.

Kelvin prides itself on being one of very few actual lighting manufactures left in the cinema industry willing to dedicate resources with everything in-house from beginning to end, in order to achieve success. Since 2010, the company has been an innovator in the area of applying its patented mathematical model for mixing light, enabling extremely precise and consistent dynamic lighting in high quality across all temperatures and colors, pushing the boundaries of the industry – so often never-before-done until done by Kelvin.

We are excited to build products not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, videographers, but with them. It is Kelvin’s continuing and passionate focus on giving each customer the benefit of lifetime customer service that has resulted in an ongoing series of success for our users, and industry recognition for the firm.

Kelvin is located in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Oslo and Berlin.

Our Mission

“We explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people, plants and planet.”

Our Values


Dare to dream big, be bold and challenge yourself and the world around you.


Allow yourself to be inspired, it will in turn inspire others.


Never be satisfied with the status quo, improve yourself through dedication and effort over time

Meet our Team

We’re engineers, scientists, product developers, coders and cinematographers. We live and breathe to explore opportunities in LED technology to produce the best, most useful and sophisticated lighting products to tell stories.

Sustainable Business Innovation

We are committed in solving important global issues, making an active contribution to society.

Kelvin – Made in Norway

Kelvin is located in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Oslo and Berlin.

Scandinavian design meets sustainable lighting solutions and innovation. A few years back we set about engineering new lighting tech to improve the quality and clarity in our lighting range. The way we work is all on the same floor plan. We talk to each other. The products are assembled by hand in the same building they are being designed in. It’s not a secret, it is our recipe for superior quality.


Sjøskogenveien 5

1407 Vinterbro


Norway Office

Filipstadveien 5

0250 Oslo


EU Office

Köpenicker Strasse 40

10179 Berlin


Our Products

Sturdy, robust and yet elegant in design. Photometrics and light quality in a league of its own. Composed of our revolutionary fine-tuned light engine Cantastoria, completed with a powerful cooling system and protected by a sturdy aluminium housing. An all in-one product based on amazing light technology, yet remarkably sophisticated and easy to use.