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Kelvin Keeps
you Rolling

3 Years Keep Rolling Warranty

Our philosophy of creating a light for cinema doesn’t stop at the product itself. Life on set doesn’t always go as planned. And we are prepared. The Keep Rolling Warranty is Kelvin’s way of giving back to the cinema community.

By purchasing an Epos 300, you will have peace of mind. Your projects are our highest priority, so if anything goes wrong – we make sure you have a light to keep rolling.

180 Days Free Returns.

We are well aware, this is a bold move. But we’re sure you’ll love your new Epos 300, so we’re willing to take it back – if you don’t.

No questions asked.

We count on you loving the light the way we made it. Built involving cinematographers, scientists, LED nerds and engineers we are pretty sure the Epos 300 is a winner. But of course, we’re open for feedback (and depend on it to make superior products) from the community. For feedback contact us here.

Lifetime Customer Support

Our Epos 300 is designed to be used intuitively. Once everything’s plugged in, the unit should be working with the press of a button. Whether you choose to operate via the touch screen on the controller, the three buttons or the Kelvin Narrator App, it’s up to you. Having trouble and it’s still within your lifetime? Consider yourself lucky: Our Lifetime Customer Support will gladly help you out and keep rolling.
(But be patient, our team may be very, very old by then…)

The Epos 300

Wave goodbye to dimmers, gels and lighting boards. Control it all within one unit. This is the hero of your professional lighting setup. Based on our all-new multispectral Color Engine Cantastoria, the Epos 300 brings you unparalleled lighting opportunities for advanced film, video and broadcasting. A cinematographer’s dream come true.

Enlightening, all the way.

A tool which allows you to push the boundaries and experiment with light without having to change a thing.

Have fun. Be creative. Play. Create magical lighting for your stories with the Epos 300. The Best-in-class output of LUX/Watt gives you a multi-functional and precise full color light, that invites to be creative. It is more than a collection of parts: An all in-one product based on amazing light technology, yet remarkably sophisticated and easy to use.