From ARRI to Kelvin: Florian Bloch Joins as Director of Product - Kelvin

From ARRI to Kelvin: Florian Bloch Joins as Director of Product

Unveiling a New Era in Cinema Lighting


Kelvin announced today at the BSC Expo the appointment of Florian Bloch as their new Director of Product. With over a decade of experience at ARRI, Florian brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to Kelvin, aiming to accelerate the expansion of the company’s lighting and accessories portfolio.  


Florian Bloch boasts a remarkable professional journey spanning more than 25 years, evolving from small-scale RF electronic design to managing multimillion-dollar portfolios. His tenure at ARRI Lighting as Head of Product Management Lighting and Team Lead Management Lighting, involved instrumental contributions to renowned products such as SkyPanel, SkyPanel X, and ARRI Orbiter. Known for his highly effective communication and presentation skills, Florian has consistently achieved objectives throughout his career, showcasing a strong work ethic, initiative-taking, and exemplary people skills in building and maintaining relationships with colleagues, partners, and customers. His multilingual and open-minded approach adds a unique dimension to his role. 

So why did you join Kelvin, Florian?


“From the first time I met the team behind Kelvin in 2022, I was instantly impressed by their drive, ambition, and energy to enter the cinematic lighting market – and the approach for the Epos 300. Everything from the form factor to ease of use, the six-color light engine, and optical performance. All over, a great starting point to bring innovative solutions to the lighting crews worldwide. With a down-to-earth mindset and a 100% user-focused design approach, Kelvin creates solutions offering real customer value – not just product features. When Kelvin approached me, it was an opportunity I didn’t want to miss”, says Director of Product in Kelvin, Florian Bloch.  


What new releases can we expect from Kelvin in the future?  


“Kelvin is gearing up for an exciting future, marked by groundbreaking releases that will reinvent the landscape of cinematic lighting and accessories. As Director of Product, I am thrilled to lead our dynamic team in unveiling innovations that not only meet but exceed the evolving needs of filmmakers and industry professionals. Stay tuned for a lineup that promises to set new benchmarks in creativity, precision, and versatility. We’re not just illuminating scenes; we’re shaping the future of visual storytelling”, says Director of Product in Kelvin, Florian Bloch.  
This strategic move aligns with Kelvin’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the cinematic lighting industry. The announcement comes at an opportune time, coinciding with the BSC Expo in London, starting February 14, where Kelvin will showcase its latest advancements in cinema lighting technology. 


New investments secured.

In addition to this groundbreaking hire, Kelvin has recently secured a $4.5 million deal with a new investor, signifying a significant milestone for the company. This infusion of capital will support further key hires, as well as the establishment of a new office in Munich, further positioning Kelvin for continued strong growth. Kelvin’s ambition is to become the market leader for continuous lighting in film production.

Welcoming words from the CEO


Halvard Aagaard, CEO of Kelvin, expresses his excitement about the hire of Florian Bloch, stating, “I’m very excited about getting Florian on our team. His extensive experience will undoubtedly elevate Kelvin’s product portfolio. Florian’s proven track record in product management, coupled with his exceptional communication skills and passion for innovation, align perfectly with our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for the film, television, theater, and photo/video industries. We look forward to achieving new milestones and setting new industry standards with Florian leading our product development efforts.” 


About Kelvin I 
Kelvin is a cinema lighting brand built by LED technology company Rift Labs, with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions with superior light quality for the global market since 2010. Made in Norway, Europe.  


Kelvin prides itself on being one of very few actual lighting manufacturers left in the cinema industry willing to dedicate resources with everything in-house from beginning to end, in order to achieve success. Since 2010, the company has been an innovator in the area of applying its patented mathematical model for mixing light, enabling extremely precise and consistent dynamic lighting in high quality across all temperatures and colors, pushing the boundaries of the industry – so often never-before-done until done by Kelvin.  


We are excited to build products not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, and videographers, but with them. It is Kelvin’s continuing and passionate focus on giving each customer the benefit of lifetime customer service that has resulted in an ongoing series of success for our users, and industry recognition for the firm.  


Kelvin is located in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Berlin and Munich in Germany. To learn more about Kelvin, please visit our website: 

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