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KOBA Seoul 2024: Kelvin Illuminate Korea with Full Color RGBACL Cinema Lighting

Kelvin announced today Kelvins’s offical entry into the Korean market at the KOBA Show 2024. Committed to innovation and customer satisfaction, Kelvin invites all attendees to experience firsthand the Industrial and Full Color RGBACL Cinema Lighting at booth D416.


Korean lighting gaffer Minjae Kim joins as brand ambassador for Kelvin

Korean lighting gaffer Minjae Kim (the Front Line, go-ji-jeon, Exit, Forgotten) joins as brand ambassador, amplifying Kelvin’s ambitions and presence in the Korean market.

“I’m very excited to collaborate with Kelvin,” says Minjae Kim. “Their commitment to excellence and creativtiy aligns perfectly with my passion for precision lighting. Together, we’re set to redefine the standards in the Korean lighting industry.”


High quality lighting technology from Norway enters Korea


“We’re excited to bring Kelvin’s groundbreaking lighting solutions to our market in Korea,” says Woosik Kim “This partnership represents our ongoing commitment to providing top-quality solutions to our customers.”

Kelvin is renowned for its pioneering RGBACL light engine, known as “Cantastoria,” which offers a spectrum of lighting possibilities. With the ability to control Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Cyan, and Lime channels, Kelvin’s lights are capable of creating breathtaking and precise lighting environments, setting a new industry standard.

Kelvin, an innovator in professional lighting solutions, is proud to announce its entry into the Korean market, introducing its proprietary RGBACL light engine and stellar lineup of lighting products. Kelvin’s cutting-edge technology and versatile product range, including the Epos 300, Epos 600, and Play Series, promise to redefine the way Korean cinematographers, videographers, and lighting professionals’ work.



The Epos 300 and Epos 600, two of Kelvin’s flagship products, embody precision, durability, and unparalleled quality. Cinematographers and gaffers in Korea can now harness the power of these lights to achieve superb color accuracy and exceptional light quality, thanks to high Color Rendering Index (CRI) ratings. These lights are designed to withstand the demanding conditions of film sets, offering reliability and longevity professionals can depend on.

Adding to the innovative mix is the Play Series, a versatile lighting companion that brings a world of possibilities to content creators and influencers. Whether it’s shots in difficult weather conditions, eye lights, or illuminating hallways with practical’s, the Play Series showcases its multi-functionality, sturdiness, and exceptional build quality.


Expanding to Korea, an important milestone for Kelvin


Kelvin’s entry into the Korean market is a testament to its commitment to delivering award-winning products rooted in Scandinavian design principles and crafted with Norwegian precision. The “Made in Norway” label represents the exceptional craftsmanship and manufacturing standards that are the hallmarks of Kelvin products.

Korean filmmakers and lighting professionals can now experience the innovation, quality, and lifetime support that Kelvin offers, ensuring they have a trusted partner on their creative journey. With a 3-Year Keep Rolling Warranty™ and individual calibration by Kelvin engineers, customers in Korean can expect nothing but excellence.

“We’re thrilled to bring Kelvin’s ground-breaking technology and exceptional lighting products to the Korean market together with Woosik Kim,” said Halvard Aagaard, CEO at Kelvin. “Our mission is to empower Korean cinematographers, videographers, and lighting professionals with the best tools that help them achieve their creative vision and surpass industry standards.”



About Kelvin I www.kelvinlight.com 
Kelvin is a cinema lighting brand built by LED technology company Rift Labs, with a proud history of developing award-winning LED products and solutions with superior light quality for the global market since 2010. Made in Norway, Europe.


Kelvin prides itself on being one of very few actual lighting manufactures left in the cinema industry willing to dedicate resources with everything in-house from beginning to end, in order to achieve success. Since 2010, the company has been an innovator in the area of applying its patented mathematical model for mixing light, enabling extremely precise and consistent dynamic lighting in high quality across all temperatures and colors, pushing the boundaries of the industry – so often never-before-done until done by Kelvin.


We are excited to build products not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, videographers, but with them. It is Kelvin’s continuing and passionate focus on giving each customer the benefit of lifetime customer service that has resulted in an ongoing series of success for our users, and industry recognition for the firm.


Kelvin is located in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Berlin and Munich in Germany. To learn more about Kelvin, please visit our website: http://www.kelvinlight.com/


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