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Epos 300 Reviews: “The Best 300 Watt Light on the Market.”

We are thrilled to share some exciting news that casts a radiant spotlight on our groundbreaking product, the Kelvin Epos 300. Recently reviewed by the esteemed DIY Photography, the Epos 300 has been hailed as “The best 300 Watt light on the market”, further solidifying its status as a game-changer in the realm of professional lighting. We knew it was a great light – built to be the greatest, but validation from within the industry is what this is all about today.


Read the DIY Photography Review


The review, penned by experts in the field, delves into the intricate details of the Epos 300, highlighting its exceptional features, unrivaled performance, and how it sets a new standard for lighting in the industry. The accolades from DIY Photography are a testament to the dedication and innovation that went into crafting the Epos 300.


But that’s not all.


Our excitement doesn’t stop with the written acclaim. We are delighted to announce a captivating video series titled “The Daily Drop” by the renowned cinematographer and educator, Jem Schofield. This series not only showcases the Epos 300 but also features the versatile Kelvin Play, another star in our impressive lineup of lighting solutions.



Jem Schofield, aka TheC47 – host of the “Daily Drop”


Jem Schofield, known for his insightful approach to cinematography, brings his expertise to “The Daily Drop,” offering an in-depth exploration of the Epos 300 and the Kelvin Play. Through his lens, viewers will gain valuable insights into the creative possibilities and advanced features that make Kelvin lights an indispensable tool for storytellers and content creators.


Stay tuned as “The Daily Drop” unfolds, providing a daily dose of inspiration, education, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into the world of Kelvin lighting. It’s more than a series; it’s a journey into the art and science of creating stunning visuals.


And there is even more:



EP.65 » Kelvin Epos 300 Light with Magnetic Diffusion


Grab your popcorn because we’ve got front-row seats to a show that’s set to dazzle your visual senses. DIY Photography has just dropped the curtain on an electrifying review of our beloved Epos 300, and trust us, it’s more than a review – it’s a love letter to lighting perfection.


🎬 Get Cozy and Watch the Magic


DIY Photography, the maestros of all things visual, take center stage, and the Epos 300 steps into the limelight, ready to steal your heart. From the get-go, you can feel the energy, the passion, and the genuine excitement that DIY Photography pours into every frame.


The review isn’t just a technical rundown – it’s a journey. DIY Photography delves deep into the soul of the Epos 300, exploring its Cantastoria™ RGBACL Six-Color Light Engine, caressing its robust construction, and uncovering the stories it’s itching to tell. It’s like watching a romance unfold, with every feature becoming a love note in the grand symphony of cinematography.



Is Kelvin Epos 300 really worth the hype? Unbiased review & user experience



But here’s the magic: DIY Photography doesn’t just talk about the Epos 300; they invite you into its world. The video isn’t a review; it’s a shared experience, a visual escapade that turns a piece of technology into a companion, an artist, a storyteller.


So, grab your favorite beverage, settle into your comfiest chair, and let DIY Photography guide you through a world where innovation meets emotion, and every beam of light is a brushstroke in a masterpiece.


At Kelvin, we are not just lighting stories; we are illuminating possibilities. Join us in celebrating the Epos 300’s stellar reviews and immerse yourself in the world of world-class cinema lighting. Light your Story with Kelvin.

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