Blade Runner 2049 with Kelvin EPOS 300 & The Light Bridge CRLS Go - ShotDeck Competition - Kelvin

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Blade Runner 2049 with Kelvin EPOS 300 & The Light Bridge CRLS Go – ShotDeck Competition


Drew Suppa

Director of Photography & IATSE 600 Camera Operator



Despite hearing about it late and rushing to figure out how to either project a giant person on smoke from a fog machine or go with miniatures and figure out forced perspective while utilizing modified pre-made kits (opted for the latter, and I wish I found a smaller, acceptable action figure) what we shot turned out pretty decent. 


The professional in me (I am a DP after all) is frustrated my angle of light wasn’t sufficient and that my fog (which was near impossible to control outdoors), but the color reproduction on our giant is pretty good. Wish I had more control over those puck lights.. they weren’t Kelvin, and I know I could have gotten the color dialed in on the Hue with them perfectly. 



Humidity made our miniatures start falling apart. I opted to shoot on my iPhone 14 Pro utilizing an Artemis Pro to recreate the field of view of the Alexa Mini the film was shot on with appropriate lensing… despite not getting the full resolution and colorspace doing it this way, I was satisfied with the framing. Plus, the smaller sensor size of the phone versus a DSLR meant I had less perspective and depth of field issues, while completely faking perspective and size.




This was my first time utilizing the EPOS 300 despite following its progress for over a year now. The last 6 features I’ve shot ranged from $250k to $2.3M. Now, I’d love to make the full switch to Kelvin as your product range expands.



Kelvin is in a class of its own in this realm. Build quality and interface are next level.





Best Regards,

Drew Suppa


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