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 SUMMER EURO SPECIAL: Buy 1 x Epos 300 and Get 2 x Kelvin Play for Free – Global Shipping

Light Your Story.

Kelvin lights are amazingly easy to use and the build quality is great! The Bowens mount and switchable magnetic diffusions are useful and perfect to shape the light the way you want. The software and Kelvin Narrator App are very intuitive and responsive. Overall super happy with my experience.

– Michael Lanham, Cinematographer

A full line of cinema lights.

We thought big, bigger, and lighter. So you can light your story in every way you want, and beyond. The Epos 300, the Epos 600 and the Play series work seamlessly together, creating a unique kit of performance, quality, and portability.

The result is a full line of cinema lights made to withstand life on set, and work seamlessly together.

Our opportunity to deliver world-class light quality.

Powerful color mixing, incredible color accuracy, and astonishing performance. These are the ultimate Full Spectrum cinema lights. To achieve this extremely high performance lighting kit, we designed our lights around the same light engine, Cantastoria.

The Kelvin Epos series is a Full Spectrum LED COB studio light made in Norway.

A light, more versatile than a Swiss army knife. Made in Norway.

The Play and Play Pro are pocket-sized super lights.

As the world’s first RGBACL panels with superior light quality, you get the light quality, control, and accuracy from the bigger lights in a size that literally fits into your pocket. With the Play Pro, you get Wireless DMX by Lumenradio built in, too.

Shaping the future of light.

We’ve been developing, producing, and selling award-winning lights successfully since 2010.

Kelvin is located Vinterbro, Norway. We’re engineers, scientists, product developers, coders, and cinematographers. We live and breathe to explore opportunities in LED technology to produce the best, most useful and sophisticated lighting products to tell stories. The Epos line and Play are the first of many to come, and we’re excited to be on this journey together with cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, and videographers.

Sounds like something you want to be part of?


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Light specs & performance on another level.

Supercharged by the Cantastoria Light Engine.

Specs that will blow your mind. If brighter, more colorful, more accurate, higher power output and top-notch build quality aren’t enough, here are the facts.

We’re proud to deliver without compromise the highest light quality and color accuracy on the market.

We have the science covered so you can be creative.

Meticulously designed and innovative LED chips improve the possibilities of color range. Perfect light consistency and precise power control to an accuracy of 0,01% is guaranteed for every single unit as it is tested by our light engineers for you. A light made to shine.

Something solid made in Norway.

We talked to the experts and listened. We set out to create products that open the door to storytelling and creativity.

The result is a solid, hand-built, full spectrum RGBACL line of products which opens the door to creativity and experimentation. All are made with the storyteller in mind. Without letting tech get in the way.

Our take on sustainability? Our products are made to last. They are built to withstand more than we are comfortable saying. We test them in harsh environments, right outside our door in Norway. Yet, they are tools, not bricks.


Our Products

Sturdy, robust and yet elegant in design. Photometrics and light quality in a league of its own. Composed of our revolutionary fine-tuned light engine Cantastoria, completed with a powerful cooling system and protected by aluminium housing. Our lights are based on amazing light technology, yet remarkably sophisticated and easy to use.

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