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Your Story.

Our opportunity to create something new

We set out to bring technology and creativity together to open doors for new ways of creating images and telling stories.

Something solid

We talked to the experts and listened. We set out to create products which open the door to storytelling and creativity.

The result is a solid, hand built, full spectrum RGB line of products which opens the door to creativity and experimentation. All made with the storyteller in mind. Without letting tech get in the way.

We have the science covered so you can be creative.

Meticulously designed and innovative LED chips improve the possibilities of color range. Perfect light consistency and precise power control to an accuracy of 0,01% is guaranteed for every single unit as it is tested by our light engineers for you. A light made to shine.

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More than a decade in the making

The Epos 300 is not the beginning, it certainly isn’t the end either. We’ve been developing, producing and selling award-winning lights successfully since 2010.

Kelvin is located Vinterbro, Norway. We’re engineers, scientists, product developers, coders and cinematographers. We live and breathe to explore opportunities in LED technology to produce the best, most useful and sophisticated lighting products to tell stories. The Epos 300 is the first of many to come, and we’re excited to have built this beauty not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, videographers, but with them.

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Customer Support

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Kelvin at Euro Cine Expo 2022

The Epos 300

Made in Norway.

The Light you’ll love, too.

Our story could be shining a light on yours.

We enable and simplify through intuitive products accessible for all creators.