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Cinema Lighting

The light has a very industrial edge to it which I personally like. It does look a little bit like a Prolycht 300FS with the build quality of an ARRI Orbiter.

– Matthew Allard, multi-award-winning, ACS accredited freelance Director of Photography and Editor of

Our opportunity to create something special.

We set out to bring technology and creativity together to open doors for new ways of creating images and telling stories.

The Kelvin Epos 300 is a Full Spectrum LED COB studio light made in Norway. The first of many products to come.

More than a decade in the making.

We’ve been developing, producing and selling award-winning lights successfully since 2010.

Kelvin is located Vinterbro, Norway. We’re engineers, scientists, product developers, coders and cinematographers. We live and breathe to explore opportunities in LED technology to produce the best, most useful and sophisticated lighting products to tell stories. The Epos 300 is the first of many to come, and we’re excited to have built this beauty not just for cinematographers, DPs, gaffers, videographers, but with them.

Light specs – Performance on another level.

Supercharged by the Cantastoria Light Engine.

Powerful color mixing, incredible color accuracy and astonishing performance. The ultimate Full Spectrum cinema light. The Epos 300. To achieve this extremely high performance lighting kit, we designed our light around the light engine. Superior cooling keeps the light running all-day long, with near-silent fans pulling air through the 6mm aluminium housing that protects the electronics and ensures the Epos 300 withstands any challenges on set.


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We have the science covered so you can be creative.

Meticulously designed and innovative LED chips improve the possibilities of color range. Perfect light consistency and precise power control to an accuracy of 0,01% is guaranteed for every single unit as it is tested by our light engineers for you. A light made to shine.

Something solid made in Norway.

We talked to the experts and listened. We set out to create products which open the door to storytelling and creativity.

The result is a solid, hand built, full spectrum RGB line of products which opens the door to creativity and experimentation. All made with the storyteller in mind. Without letting tech get in the way.

Our products are made to last. They are built to withstand more than we are comfortable to say. We test them in harsh environments, right outside our door in Norway. Yet, they are tools, not bricks.

  1. The Epos 300 is a major step up in quality compared to other brands/lights I am regularly using. So many little details are engineered to last, it really feels like a premium product. Also, the app is the easiest and most user friendly I have used in terms of connectivity and features. And, of course, the light quality is top notch.

  2. Great website that showcases the product and gives me all the technical details I needed to make a decision. I also liked that they use Klarna as a payment gateway – familiar and reliable. Their team was also quick to respond to some questions I had which makes me feel like they care. Thanks guys!

    Blyde Wright
  3. I had the opportunity of working with the Epos 300 whilst developing some 3rd-party software for the light. After working with other light brands for the same reason, I have to say that the quality of the Epos is unmatched and very impressive! So much so that I ended up investing in one for myself 🙂

    Blyde Wright
  4. I had a first glimpse of Kelvin and their Epos300 at the Euro Cine Munich Expo this summer. Liked the product so went into their website to find out more. Found the website easy to navigate and providing information. Additionally, Kelvin’s team was very responsive once I filled out a contact form. Looking forward to Epos300. Highly recommend

    Angie k
  5. Looking into the Epos 300, I had many questions. The service I received was stellar. Not only answered all my queries, but guided me step by step on the technological advances that the 300 would bring to my studio. Can’t wait for the arrival!

  6. My firm is a small startup and we’re in the market for a durable lighting solution for our in-house video production. Kelvin’s customer service team has been phenomenal at answering our many questions ahead of launch. After weeks of diligence and consultation with our content team, we’re going to wait a bit longer and use their product. Excited to get our hands on the Epos 300

    Paul B
  7. Kelvin offers good information, great personalized customer service, and expertise. If you are in the market for lighting equipment and want a unique brand for your collection, look no further!

    Kelvin will deliver beyond your expectations and give you one of a kind experience.

    Brian Hansen
  8. It was easy to find the information I needed, and the content on the website tells a great story about the product. It reminds me of Apple’s store.

    The entire experience from browsing the website to placing the order was really solid. The process of purchasing a Kelvin light felt safe and seamless.

    Marius Maaland
  9. I saw a prototype of the Kelvin at a fair and it I was an outstanding product! Exactly what I’m looking for. After checking the website I was even more impressed by the easiness of use and the straightforward and fact-based description. Since I was missing one info I reached out to the customer service and promptly received a reply. They’ve also directly implemented the info. good work! Both make me hungry and I’m excitingly waiting for the soon release!

    Alex Freitas
  10. I got to say, I was really impressed by my new Kelvin light. I’d never heard of the brand, but I was lucky enough to try out a pre-production unit, and I’m so glad I did. I mean, the build quality and industrial look blew me away. Not to mention the colour range of the LED-lights. Cool stuff, Kelvin. Can’t wait to see how your product range will evolve in the future.

    Petter Tofte
  11. The Epos 300 is a major step up in quality compared to other brands/lights I am regularly using. So many little details are engineered to last, it really feels like a premium product. Also, the app are the easiest and most user friendly I have used in terms of connectivity and features. And, of course, the light quality is top notch.

    Håvar Karlsen

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The Epos 300

Made in Norway.