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Make Your Great Light Even Better.

How to Update Your Light.

To update/upgrade your Epos 300 you need to:


1. Update the Kelvin Narrator App on your device through the App Store/Play Store.


2. Connect your device via the Kelvin Narrator App to the Epos 300.


3. You will get a message on your device asking to update the Epos 300. Select yes and start updating.


4. Turn off your Epos 300 and wait for a moment. Then turn it back on. You will now see an upgrade message on the controller of your Epos 300. Do not disconnect the lamp or any cable while the Epos 300 is upgrading automatically. When this is done press finish. Your Epos 300 has been updated successfully and is ready to use.

August 2023 Update for Epos 300.

We made an Update. And this one is a great one. We’re releasing 3 new features that make the Epos 300 Series even better. 


# Controller 1.0.1+4


Feature 1


### Added intensity smoothing


This makes using the light and adjusting intensity even more smooth.


Feature 2


### Added improved CCT mode CCT resolution
Set CCT resolution to every 20K instead of every 50K. This makes your light even more accurate.


Feature 3


### Added backend for new mode RGBACL (no GUI support yet)
Control the Epos 300 via DMX. The main purpose of this update to is make RGBACL control available via DMX


Bonus Feature


### Added watchdog timer
Currently set to 2.5 second timeout.


### Updated NCS SDK to 2.4.0, includes zephyr v3.3.99-ncs1
Fixes freezing issue when using the app.


### Fixed bug in RGB mode
The RBG command used to pass the RGB data to the lamp head used uint8_t instead of float.
The RGB mode therefore did not support floats, as intended and shown on the display.


### Fixed a rounding issue for intensity shown on GUI
The intensity shown on the GUI was rounded down instead of up to nearest integer. The intensity would then differ on lights when using dmx master f.ex.

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