Medium Diffuser D90 for Epos 300 and 600 - Kelvin
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Medium Diffuser D90 for Epos 300 and 600

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Create more flattering images by diffusing the light. 

Diffused light disperses light evenly across a subject and softens shadows. In general, it produces a more flattering image.

The Kelvin Epos Medium Diffuser D90 offers a slightly thicker diffusion, but with minimum light loss, less than 0.2 of a stop, and extends the beam angle slightly which makes it a better match for larger softboxes and also for less precise optics.

Key Features:  

  • Medium diffusion for Epos
  • Widens beam angle 
  • Allows for better color mixing with less precise optics
  • Magnetic mounting
Technical Specifications

Weight and Dimensions

94.5g / 0.208lbs
Dimensions (L x W x D)
8.9 x 0.67 x 8.9cm / 3.5 x 0.26 x 3.5in

Packed in Cardboard

200g / 0.44lbs
Dimensions (L x W x D)
10 x 10 x 4cm / 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.57in