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Expert Interview: Marketing Director of Kelvin, Jan Oliver Koch.

We sat down with the Marketing Director of Kelvin, Jan Oliver Koch to look behind the scenes.


Q: Thanks, Oliver for taking the time. Could you introduce yourself in a couple of sentences?


I’m Oliver, passionate about information, media, technology, and the planet. Storytelling in the broadest of terms is my job. Combining complex topics on our technology and products and making them accessible. As a pioneer in LED technology, Kelvin’s main challenge is dealing with pushing the boundaries of lighting, both in an engineering way and also in the way it is used to tell stories. We’re working on the ultimate lighting setup for professional cinema productions. A storytelling tool, made to withstand life on set.

“Made as a workhorse on any set, the Epos line of products combines accuracy, light quality, and ease of use to let you be productive when time counts the most. The light fixture and app work together, seamlessly. Smooth, intuitive, and powerful. Easy. “

Q: How do you discover new opportunities in lighting technology?

We explore.

With a mild obsession.

Light the scene. Connect, Customize, Control. We are focused. Driven by the idea of delivering incredible light. Mildly obsessed. The only way we can deliver this level of quality is by solving the challenge of making something genuinely new, with great intent to solve what hasn´t been done before. 


Our vision is driven by the need to tell stories. Create magical lighting for your stories with the Kelvin Epos Series. What we aim to supply is Best-in-class LUX output/watt, a multi-functional, precise full-color light, that invites you to play. And the way we made it, it is more than a collection of parts: It is an all-in-one line of products based on amazing light technology, yet remarkably sophisticated and easy to use. Developed, designed, and manufactured in Norway. 


It is a genuine team effort: Engineers, developers, cinematographers, and industry experts. Our strength lies in the combination of skillsets. Be it in the way the light is made, or the software code written for one specific purpose:


Mount your light, set up your scene – and let our Narrator app do the rest. Control your light, from the comfort of your hand. Any easier – and some may call it lazy.

“Our developers have taken the convenience of your phone or tablet and transformed it into a cinematographer’s professional lighting tool, while our engineers and designers made a light, both functional and easy to use while maintaining outstanding build quality and our signature Scandinavian design. Made in Norway.”

Q: How do you communicate your brand identity? What is the DNA of Kelvin?

We aim to Inspire.

Our identity and marketing are based on our values of being Expressive & Bold, Professional & Innovative, Accessible & Down-To-Earth. We do not hide who we are. We embrace every aspect of Kelvin.  


Having been created with absolute deliberation as a partner for filmmakers, rental houses, retailers, and resellers, we want to be trustworthy, bulletproof, sturdy, and of course perform on the highest levels.

“High quality, precision and accuracy are non-negotiable attributes of every product that leaves our assembly at Kelvin.”

Kelvin is the technology behind creativity. We want to be the obvious choice: High quality yet priced transparently. Made to be used intuitively and withstand life on set.  


We focus on large resellers, owner-operators and rental houses and want to be as available as possible to the press, creators, and for brand collaborations. We let the products speak for themselves. No questions avoided, unanswered. Full transparency. 


Our marketing and social media channels focus on communicating our transparency and quality. We do not aim to sell; we aim to enable creators. 

We Grow 

with challenges.

We are great fans of the work and art of cinematography.  Just like our customers, we believe that we work in the creative industry. Kelvin, a (Norwegian) company is solving technical challenges with a physical product, yet with a mindset of creating a piece of art. Meticulously designed, our products are built from the ground up, developed to serve in a challenging environment, perform on a level beyond expectations and inspire to be used on every set around the world.  


As experts in the field of creating beautifully told (and lit) stories, collaborations, and feedback from within the industry are what drive our innovations forward. We count on you loving the light the way we made it. Built involving cinematographers, scientists, LED nerds and engineers we are quite sure the Kelvin Epos is a winner. But of course, we are open for feedback (and depend on it to make superior products) from the community. 


Kelvin is proving itself as a partner of filmmakers and cinematographers to tell the most visually compelling stories using the latest LED light technology. This enables creators access to ultramodern technology, and the company to make products that are exactly what are needed in the business. Without compromise.  

Tell your story, we´ll take care of the rest. 

Our promise

to the world of Cinematography.

The Kelvin Epos Series equals Peace of mind. 


Keep Rolling Warranty. 180 Days Free Returns. Lifetime Customer Support. Made in Norway. 


Our philosophy of creating a light for cinema does not stop at the product itself. Life on set does not always go as planned. And we are prepared. The Keep Rolling Warranty is Kelvin’s way of giving back to the cinema community. 


By choosing an Epos, you will have peace of mind. And a partner in all your creative work. Your projects are our highest priority, so if anything goes wrong – we make sure you have a light to keep rolling. 

Thanks for your time, Oliver.

The interview was conducted in Oslo, Norway in December 2022.

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