Kelvin Epos 300 wins the prestigious DOGA Design Awards - Kelvin

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Kelvin Epos 300 wins the prestigious DOGA Design Awards

Oslo, 16th February 2023
Kelvin announced today that they have won this year’s DOGA Design Awards in the category Industry Design, Identity and Brand Design with the Kelvin Epos 300 for its Scandinavian Design.




“It’s not only how it looks and feels. Design is also how it works.”


– Morten Hjerde, Founder and CTO, Kelvin  

Powerful words from the Jury:


“Good lighting is a key factor in all film production. 

There was a lot of joy and enthusiasm in the jury when we studied the Norwegian-made cinema light from Kelvin. 


The Kelvin Epos 300 is awarded the DOGA mark for design and architecture because it is a great, well-designed product that exudes precision and ease of use. We are pleased with the quality of the materials and that the lamp has been given an honest, rational expression with a clear identity. 


We also applaud the process behind it, where technology development has gone hand in hand with product and brand design. 


The light makes it easier to work creatively for all types of film productions – but it also acts as a design role model in its own right.”

CEO of Kelvin, Halvard Aagaard and The Epos 300 in action at NAB NY October 2022.

Halvard Aagaard, CEO of Kelvin, says: 



-“It has been hard work, day and night to make this possible. Seeing the project coming together from the beginning to where we are today has been a team effort. Great things happen when everyone is moving forward together with one purpose in the same direction. I’m very proud of the team and everyone involved and excited for next steps ahead with Kelvin. The future looks bright!” 

The award confirms Kelvin’s industrial edge and build quality together with its unique technology

– Morten Hjerde, Founder and CTO, Kelvin 


“With the Epos 300, we wanted to create something truly special without limitations in terms of design and materials. It’s not only how it looks and feels. Design is also how it works. The Epos 300 is just the beginning and sets the standard of what we want to achieve with Kelvin and the full line of products to come” 

Design and architecture add value
The projects that receive the DOGA mark for design and architecture are our leading role models and show how the strategic use of design and architecture creates important values ​​for both the society, the environment, and the economy.

Here are three reasons why the Epos 300 by Kelvin is a role model:

1. Kelvin cares about reducing the climate footprint throughout the product’s lifetime. They work for sustainable solutions in material selection, construction, logistics, use and disposal.

2. Kelvin has built its own factory with a development department as well as production lines for electronics and assembly of its own products as one of the few remaining players in Norway. From the start in 2010, over 20 jobs have been created, and contributed to further value creation for Norwegian creative companies and producers.

3. Kelvin brings Norwegian technology abroad and is an all-Norwegian challenger in a demanding global market.

It is not obvious that a small industrial company on the outskirts of Oslo succeeds in this international and competitive market. With a variety of languages and reach, the company may be making the products in Vinterbro, a small town outside the capital of Norway, but the world is where Kelvin belongs. Norwegian, English, Spanish, Mandarin, Japanese, Polish, German, Ukrainian, Urdu, Bengali, Bosnian, – the more – the merrier. A local company, a global community, and a united mindset.

About Kelvin:
Kelvin is a cinema lighting brand by LED technology company Rift Labs from Scandinavia with a proud history of manufacturing award-winning cinema lighting fixtures and lighting software for the global market in video and photo since 2010 with over 50 000 products sold.

We are on a mission to explore the spectrum of light to create amazing products loved by people. The headquarter of Kelvin is in Vinterbro, Norway with offices in Oslo, Norway and Berlin, Germany.

To learn more about Kelvin please visit:

About DOGA Design Awards
The DOGA mark for design and architecture is Norway’s most prestigious award for businesses that create value through the use of design and architecture. The projects that are awarded the DOGA label are our most important examples of how good design and architecture create innovative solutions that have positive ripple effects for society, the planet and the economy.


DOGA promotes good use of design and architecture in Norway to create new, green and profitable solutions of the future. DOGA is part of the government’s instruments for innovation and value creation. We receive an annual grant from the state budget. DOGA is headquartered in Oslo, Norway.

To learn more about DOGA, please visit:

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