The Light you'll love, too. - Kelvin
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There is something about diving deep.

At the surface, you’re surrounded by what’s familiar. You see the familiar, you feel the comfort of the known, you’ve been here before. And then, one last breath, and everything changes.

A shock to the senses.

We’re entering a new world, a new dimension with different rules, the unknown. The light changes everything we see and experience around us. It opens new opportunities for exploration, creativity, and the unseen coming to light.

Our light has led us down a path of exploration we couldn’t have imagined was possible.

Long have we left behind the familiar. We’ve gone down the rabbit hole and dived deeper into the details of every last aspect of the light. We’ve left our comfort zone a long time ago. With a decade in the making, the Epos 300 feels like diving to the deepest place on Earth, our Marianas Trench, the most difficult place yet our goal, an unclimbed mountain peak with no comprehensive records of anyone achieving that before, a place we could only reach because we obsess about it. Obsession and love in the details.

The light you’ll love, too.

We’re at the point, where passion led us to look at every aspect of the light, and feel that we’re delivering something good. Fulfilling the needs of cinematographers, pushing boundaries of what our engineers thought is possible, yet meticulously designed from every angle, until we’ve built a light with purpose, with no compromise in form or function, a light you’ll love, too.

Our ( R ) evolution of how lights are made.

Encased in solid 6mm aluminum plates, our Cantastoria light engine more beautiful than its name delivers more Lumen to Power ratio to the RGBACL chip, than we could have imagined. Combined with our controller and the intuitive Kelvin Narrator App, we’ve combined premium materials, expert craftsmanship, and engineering to create the future of lighting enabling you to tell stories in the most beautiful light possible.