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Made in Norway.

Scandinavian Made.


What is Scandinavian Made? We´re surrounded by Scandinavian design, yet Scandinavian Made is a whole new level of precision, meticulous attention to detail, and build quality – designed, engineered, and built in one place. Above all, we call the Kelvin Epos 300 – Scandinavian Made. Made in Norway.


Our relationship with nature, form, and function.


Our relationship with nature plays an important role in our lives. In Scandinavia, the colors, the light, and the rugged landscape with rocky terrain, snowcapped mountains, and endless forests define our surroundings and our way of life. Since we´re known for Scandinavian minimalism, it may be described better as showcasing the sleek, and simple elements of our functional design.


The beauty lies within every detail. Timeless, yet a rare treasure to find.


Scandinavian design: Making something that lasts.


The machined aluminum used for our Epos 300 is the closest material we could find that matches the qualities of being rugged – yet light, sturdy, functional, and beautiful in its finish. 6mm thick aluminum.


A solid build, a sleek design, and a smooth finish are only possible by making the qualities of the materials we use work in our favor. The relationship between the materials and product can´t be staged. Feeling the build quality happens in the moment of holding a product, made to feel good. Every edge, every line, and screw are in a place with purpose and intent.


While the design process is harder, the outcome feels lighter – one may find it meant to be. A challenge we gladly accepted. It´s not about meeting industry standards, but exceeding expectations, looking at what was perceived impossible, and delivering an impacting, worthy result.


Every product is built and assembled by our engineers who have been part of the design- and product development process. Their intimate knowledge about what they´re working with doesn´t just make them experts – and the best to do what they do – it makes them proud owners of the outcome, guaranteeing passion and attention to detail in every single lamp we make.

Simplicity at its best.


The approach to every product is the same. Find a simple, lasting solution to a complex challenge. Take your time. Don´t rush, don´t follow trends, follow function and find beauty within.


We´ve discussed, improved and chose every single component to fit and perform above expected results. That´s why we´re so proud of what the our products are made of. And why we stand by our highest levels of warranty.


The world is complex, a challenging environment with uncontrollable variables. Kelvin, being made under one roof keeps pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be impossible on a global scale. Develop, design and produce with experts within reach of each others knowledge, experience and vision to ensure superior products.


Expert craftsmanship, quality of material, timeless design, and longivity.


Curious why we´re so in love with what we do? Read this.


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