Kelvin at Euro Cine Expo 2022 - Kelvin

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Kelvin at Euro Cine Expo 2022

A new line of products is pushing the boundaries of cinema lighting. With Full RGB, best-in-class LUX output per watt, seamless and intuitive control of the light via their app and a bold promise with a 3 year Keep Rolling Warranty™, the handmade Epos 300 from Scandinavia is challenging the industry. Designed and built without compromise, the Kelvin Epos 300 is the first product in a new line of solid, hand built, lighting products opening the door to creativity and experimentation.


Award-winning LED technology pioneer Rift Labs is proud to announce the launch of a new cinema lighting brand Kelvin, and the very first product in the line-up, the Kelvin Epos 300. This is the hero of your professional lighting setup.


Available for pre-orders now at with deliveries starting in September 2022. Selected media and ambassadors will have access to the product before September.





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