Kelvin, the award-winning light. When words can’t say it - then lighting can. - Kelvin
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Kelvin, the award-winning light. When words can’t say it – then lighting can.

Kelvin lights have been turning heads for their unique design, light- and build quality since we launched our products in 2022.

With gratitude and pride, the Kelvin team has received the Product of the Year 2023 Award at NaB Las Vegas 2023, a Red Dot Award 2023, an IF Gold Award (an Oscar-equivalent Award in the world of design), and a DOGA Design Award.

We are a small team of engineers, developers, designers, and cinematographers – and getting recognition for not one – but all released products to date – was beyond our wildest dreams. Yet, we are in the movie industry – and dreams do come true.

As a premium light brand and manufacturer, Kelvin focuses on creating and building the world’s most precise cinema lighting – made to last on set. “Built by hand in Norway, the meticulous attention to detail needed to be matched by the design as well, so choosing to follow a minimal, Scandinavian design language closely where form follows function was a natural choice,” says Kelvin’s Marketing Director Jan Oliver Koch.

When words can’t say it, then our lighting can.

We wanted to make an impact on how stories are told. What makes a film memorable is not just the direction, the script, and the brilliance of the actors, it also the lighting that reinforces the impact of the images on the viewer, frame after frame. The use of light plays an important role in film, whether it’s in a specific scene or its narrative development.

Kelvin lights are made to withstand life on set, to reinforce the impact of the images on the audience, frame after frame.

The awards, reinforce our strong belief in Kelvin’s mission. We are on a path to revolutionize the way lights are made, used and seen in the movies.

The precision of lighting goes hand in hand with the way the lights are made. From the design, to the development, engineering and assembly. Every single step is done with caution, deliberation, and the awareness to perform and execute on the highest level.

We’re proud winners, we don’t take recognition for granted, and we’re driven to continue to illuminate the world with our lights.